The Social Dilemma (2020)

“How much of your life can we get you to give us?”

The Social Dilemma

This is a brand new documentary by Netflix on the evil creation, that is, social media. It interviews various tech-gurus who tell us the negative impacts of their own inventions.

What did I like?

Technology is evil, and social media is the satan’s spawn. This documentary gave a mindful insight on the disadvantages of using social media apps such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and getting addicted by them.

I liked how instead of just interviews, this documentary also had a fictional aspect to it. It gave us the opinions of many software specialists and simultaneously showed the impact of excessive social media usage on a hypothetical family.

A still from The Social Dilemma (2020)

What impact did it have?

There are a lot of documentaries on a similar theme, but I feel like this one is the most impactful. It goes deep into the working of algorithms and makes you realise that every click made by you is pre-planned and how your personal data allows the software giants to manipulate your every move.

I was genuinely scared for our future after watching it and my unnecessary screen time has also reduced by a lot.


Use technology judiciously. We are smart enough to not be outsmarted by machines.

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